HopSaint was born after one too many late nights navigating a crowded bar just to have a great beer unceremoniously poured into a dirty pint glass. We believe fresh draft beer shouldn’t be confined to the pub. You should choose when, where, how, and
with whom you enjoy a fresh, crafted beer. That’s at the heart of HopSaint - a community that fosters lasting relationships & enriches our hometown through the production of honest, real beer. A community built on craft beer.

One who has been recognized for having an exceptional degree of holiness.



Our Brewery is a 10bbl system which will allow us to showcase our exceptional selection of seasonal brews. Brian even intends to do some barrel aging with some of his handcrafted small batch brews.

HOPS (Hummulus Lupulus)
Hops is the age old seasoning of the beer, the liquid saint that ward off spoilage from wild bacteria and bring balance to the sweet malt. They please the palate by imparting their unique characters and flavors. Hops put the bitter in beer.

The HopSaint is a team of people who really, really LOVE great beer!!
It’s what we have in common.

Brian Brewer  |  Brewmaster (yes, that's his real name!)
Carlos Ocampo  |  Sous Chef
Christina Oliva  |  FOH Management
Steven Roberts  |  Head of Operations
John Vidal  |  Sales & Distribution